#OOTD: Green Spring Time Dress from Haute Dimensions!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit of the day! When I graduated I lost all of my photography friends and cool locations to take my photos. Well, the tripod is back and so is me asking whoever I’m with at the moment to take a picture of my outfit.    I got […]


Clarins Makeup Event featuring the African Stalker!

I’ve been super busy lately and I have a ton of event recaps to post, one of my favorites was the Clarins Makeup Event about a month ago. Yes, y’all, a month…I told y’all I was behind. Now, I’m not really a big makeup blogger…but I really want to learn about makeup now. I’m about […]

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#ThrowbackThursday: Food, Art, Fun: Take Me Back To Artopia!!

This was my first time attending Artopia! It was full of food, art, fun, and culture, Everywhere you looked there was a form of artwork in a different medium. I appreciated being able to look around Spring Street Studios at all the artwork and taste all the food and just overwhelm all of my senses. […]


Girls With Guns: Media Night At Boyert Shooting Center!!

I was invited to a media night at Boyert Shooting Center and I was so happy to have gotten an invite. Little known fact, I’m obsessed with self protection devices–I have a pink taser, a pink pepper spray, a pink pocket knife, and a shotgun…I found a guy to make it pink! I’ve always wanted […]

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A Day Without My Cellphone (Video), Going #DigitallyDark with Absolute Lojack

 Last week, I talked about Absolute Lojack being the premier recovery system for the theft of mobile devices and portable computers.  I also shared how over 30,000 devices have been recovered and returned to their rightful owners. That’s some kind of success, especially because the retrieval rate if you don’t have this software is so […]


Going #DigitallyDark with Absolute Lojack and Giveaway!!

I’m always connected. I have a cell phone(samsung Galaxy 4) , two Samsung tablets (because obviously I need a 7 inch and 11 inch screen), and a MacBook. At any given time you can find me using at least one of these items, but more often than not, I’m using two devices at a time. […]

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Rums of Puerto Rico Present: Rum Times +Cocktail Recipe! #ItsRumTime

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rums of Puerto Rico . All opinions are 100% mine. I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico. It’s a beach oasis without the hassle of passports and international travel hoopla. While researching how awesome Puerto Rico would be, I found out that It’s […]


#ThrowbackThursday: Emirates A380 Launch Party!

Sometimes when you attend a lot of events, stuff gets lost…and by stuff…I mean my pictures! I have 3 or 4 memory cards and sometimes I keep taking pictures without ever uploading ones that were already on there and sometimes I lose them, or sometimes the memory card just corrupts and your pictures are gone. […]

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I’m Going Skiing! #BlackGirlsSkiToo

I just so happened to look at my calendar and it’s exactly 59 days until I’ll be heading to Tennessee for a fun filled weekend of eating, partying, shopping, and skiing. All of those things sound super fun and I can do everything here in Houston…except SKI!  I’ve never really been able to be in real […]

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#TheNewNewDating: How To Get The Side Eye on The First Date

So last week, I shared my first post in #TheNewNewDatingSeries, well it’s back chile. I went on a first date last week and it wasn’t disastrous but I’ve had a better time potty training my dog Sparkle.  It’s like some of these guys don’t know how to behave when you first meet them! I always […]