I was supposed to write about this car almost a month ago but my camera had other plans. It’s currently shipped off to some camera shop in the Arizona dessert because Nikon has no authorized repair facilities in Texas. My pictures for this post may not be the best but I’m super thankful to DriveShop for lending me this vehicle for a week.

If you follow my blog you know I don’t have kids. I have a super busy lifestyle, working part time, running this blog, my event planning business, and managing the blog and social life of my dog Sparkle. Yes, I said my dog. If you didn’t know there is a new wave of soccer moms out there running around trying to make sure they are on time for school, play dates, and birthday parties, except our children aren’t really kids (to everyone else) and they don’t all play soccer (some of the super talented ones do) –they are our dogs. Yes, dog mom is indeed the new soccer mom. (Hashtag!) So when I was given the opportunity to drive the 2016 Kia Sedona, I knew that me and my (dog) child would probably get a lot of use out of it.


Let’s walk through a typical end of week schedule for Sparkle and I:



3:30 pm Get off work and rush Sparkle to PetSmart for an emergency grooming session. Why must white dogs get in the dirtiest things?


4:40 pm Sparkle and I get in the mini van and head to pick up my best friend and Sparkle’s publicist, Paige (same person) because we have a happy hour on the other side of town to attend.

6:20pm Houston traffic and getting lost make us twenty minutes late to the “Yappy Hour” that Sparkle is a media sponsor for.


8:49pm The yappy hour is over. Sparkle is knocked out from all the treats she had and we are locked inside of the dealership where the event was held.

9:58pm Get to McDonalds to get Sparkle a water and me a one dollar drink for the road.

2015-10-04 12.34.44

10:19pm   Take Paige home. She lives in a suburb like we do so it’s a bit of a drive, especially with all the construction going on 59…it’s easy to get lost even though I’ve been there a million times. The Kia Sedona has a built in Navigation system that is helpful and it doesn’t pause your music.


11:15  Walk Sparkle, give her some water and climb in the bed. She’s been sleep for most of the ride but is still equally as tired as I am.


8:00 am Drop Sparkle off for day camp…it’s like school for dogs, except for they play all day.  I’ve met a lot of other dog moms there too!


9:00am Go to work.

1:00 pm Check webcam to see Sparkle sound asleep at nap time.

4:00pm Get off work.

5:00pm  Pick up Sparkle and take her home.

6:00pm Start picking up items for swag bags from varying sponsors, all over Houston. Oh did I forget to mention my dog was having a brunch on Sunday?

9:00pm Get home and cut up ribbon until I fall asleep. 


9:00am Wake up (not flawless) and pick up signage for the brunch.

9:18am The signage is ALL messed up so I have to go off on the people at Office Depot and resend everything to Staples.

10:45am  Start stuffing swag bags.

3:00pm Start loading stuff into the car. Sparkle hops in–not helping, just watching.

2015-10-08 08.59.57

4:00pm The rest of the day is a blur of running around, making calls, and all that goes into planning a dog brunch! 

10:30pm I pack the car full of stuff and fall into the couch bed with my loving doggie nearby.



10:00am It’s brunch day and after all of my running around, everything turned out great! I didn’t get much sleep but my doggie and her dog friends had a blast and slept for a whole day afterward! 


So as you can see dog moms are super busy! We are moms too and we need all the space, technology, and conveiences that we can get! The 2016 Kia Sedona is everything that you need!I absolutely loved this minivan and so did Sparkle. I recommend it for any moms or dog moms looking for a new vehicle!

Check out this video tour!

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