A little over a month ago, I won an awesome giveaway from Mocha Dad-a complimentary stay at the Westin La Canterra in San Antonio! When I got the notification that I won I was shocked and super excited! I needed a quick get away and this was just the trip!I was super excited to do some site seeing around San Antonio and really get a break from Houston and all the monotony that it brings!
Included with my stay was a complimentary ice skating session! I’ve always wanted to go ice skating, but I struggle with regular skating so I’ve always been super scared. When I saw the little rink…I felt a lot better about trying, it was an humble place to learn. What do you wear to wear ice skating? Well, I you know me, I love my dresses, so of course I wore one!

Dress : (old) Forever 21
Tights: Target
Boots: my aunties closet
Watch: Barbie Collector


If you couldn’t tell, I was the oldest person on the rink! lol No one over the age of  ten was there! Parents were snapping pictures of their children (including my mom) as they whizzed around the rink. I didn’t really whiz…I kinda walked around the edges so I wouldn’t fall on my big butt. The little girls who were in there with me were super precious! They were so encouraging and they kept saying I looked “fancy”! How cute! They also kept saying “are you a kid or a grownup”. I told them I was kind of grown up but kind of kid too. They thought it was so cool that I was 20! I had a blast and the hotel was beyond awesome! If you are in San Antonio definitely stay there!

What did you do during your winter break?