About a month ago, I shared that I was trying out the unlimited cell phone plan from Wal-Mart. You can buy everything, set up your phone, and pay your bill all at your neighborhood Wal-Mart. I didn’t really know what to expect…I was just really curious as to how I could have reliable phone service for $40 a month.  I thought it would be to good to be true, but I’ve actually been very pleased thus far! Now I’m thinking, I’m 21–too young to be locked in to this cell phone contract…I’m too cool to not have a totally unlimited cell phone plan. I’ve come up with a list of 4 reasons that  we 20 something need to switch to a month to month unlimited cell phone plan, like that of the Wal-Mart Family Mobile service. #FamilyMobileSaves

#FamilyMobileSaves unlimited cell phone plans

4.  Stay connected…with everyone! I’m always on the phone. Most cell phone providers offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls for those of the same provider, but what if you have AT&T and your friend has Sprint? You guys don’t have the same service provider, so you can’t chat all day! You have to wait until after 9pm (7pm) if you are lucky to make a call for “free” or risk using your talk time minutes and going over your allotted amount. With the Wal-Mart Family Mobile service, you can contact everyone no matter who  their cell provider is! 


3. Everything is unlimited! What else can I say about this? No one likes limitations…especially 20-somethings, a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data is perfect!

2. No strings attached! I don’t even have a boyfriend that I commit to, why do I need to commit to a 2 year cell phone contact?  Month to month plans offer the flexibility that young people need. I one had a friend who was going to be out of the country for  a semester to complete a semester abroad. She wanted to keep her phone, but it would be super expensive. Her mom wanted to put her line on “hiatus”  and the company wanted to charge $20 a month…just so she could keep her same number even though she wouldn’t be using the phone! Under the Wal-Mart Family Mobile unlimited plan you never have to worry about a contract.

savings with unlimited wireless plan #FamilyMobileSaves

1. It’s cheap! This is the most important thing! In my final year of college, I have a lot more money than I did at the start of my freshmen year…but it’s not really that much. In fact, sometimes I have more month than money left over. With a cheaper and truly unlimited cell phone like Wal-Mart Family Mobile, I can save $720 a year! That’s a lot of money for a 21 year old! If I took the money that I saved and deposited into a bank account, I could buy  a semesters worth of text books, or pay my rent, or pay 2 car notes, or even purchase an all-inclusive spring break package! 

The Wal-Mart Family Mobile wireless plan is pretty freaking cool. You can pay $40 a month, have everything unlimited, and stay in contact with everyone. What’can be better than that? Look at what everyone is saying on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FamilyMobileSaves!

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