Tips for Your First Visit to Disney World

I recently graduated with my Masters in Public Relations. My school is in Florida, so I decided to make the trip, walk the stage, and then celebrate with a trip to Disney World! Thank you so much to the awesome people at Disney who provided me with free tickets to experience all the magic Disney has to offer.  My first time was nothing short of spectacular! I learned a lot about how to prepare and navigate the park, so I want to share it with you, so you can have a blast too!

1. There is an app for that. The My Disney Experience has everything you need to plan your day(s) at Disney.  You can buy tickets, see the wait times for the lines, view maps, locate characters, make reservations, EVERYTHING. You need to download it before your trip (sometimes the signal is not too good in the park).

2. Pack snacks and water. I’m frugal to the core and I regret not knowing that you can indeed bring your own food into the park! I would have packed a backpack purse full of chips, candies, and fruit cups! I spent over $100 on snacks when I could have put that to a sit-down restaurant or some fancy souvenirs. I don’t regret my krispy treats though!

3. Make reservations in advance. Food places fill up fast –if you want to enjoy a lunch or dinner at a restaurant with table service, make a reservation! It is very difficult to just walk straight in and eat–especially during the lunch hours. Make your reservation in advance and stick to it…there is a fee for not showing up or a late cancel.

4. Have a loose itinerary. I’m an event planner so it’s in my nature to plan everything down to the minute. That will not work at Disney World. Everything takes longer than expected. Make a list of things you absolutely want to do and things you’d like to do during your time there. Work through your list as much as you can but you won’t be able to do everything, especially in a short trip.

5. Schedule attractions. With your ticket, you get a couple of fast pass options, be sure to schedule the attractions or the rides that you want to do. This will help you not have to wait in line as long. You have to go to the Animal Kingdom, it was amazing to see all of the animals.

6. Visit the park over several days. I only had one day at Disney and I did a ton while I was there! I do know that I saw a lot of stuff but I know there is so much that I didn’t get to experience. If I had two more days, I feel like I might have been able to see just about everything!

7. Stay a Disney resort if you can.  I’ve never stayed at a Disney hotel but I’ve heard from others, that your entire Disney experience is seamless and complete when you stay in a hotel. I plan on staying at a Disney resort for my next big Disney trip!

8. Drink plenty of water. I’ve heard about people who get so overwhelmed with excitement (or so hot) and they pass out! You don’t want to be in first aid at the Happiest Place on Earth!

9. Start early. I think I was able to see so much stuff is because I started as soon as the park opened. I was at the park from 9am to 10pm!

10. Have fun. This is the most important part! Don’t stress out about anything at Disney World, everything will work out just fine!