Sometimes when you attend a lot of events, stuff gets lost…and by stuff…I mean my pictures! I have 3 or 4 memory cards and sometimes I keep taking pictures without ever uploading ones that were already on there and sometimes I lose them, or sometimes the memory card just corrupts and your pictures are gone. Well, I just found some of the photos from the launch party for the newest Emirates A380 flight! The ones from inside the plane are the ones that are gone but I found a YouTube video that shows how cool it is.

Emirates a380 comes to Houston







This plane was amazing. Just seeing how luxe and accommodating it is made me want to skip paying my bills for the next pay period and book a flight. I would really love to fly in business class or first class someday but I’m really glad to have at least been exposed to it. I want to go to Dubai in the next few years and I hope to be able to fly Emirates…I’m totally okay with Economy. I love Southwest airlines for my domestic flights (they are always nice to me) but this Economy is SO much better. I need to make a flight on Emirates happen soon!

Have you ever flown Emirates? Another luxury airline? How was it?

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