This post is sponsored by Alizé, however, the opinons and delicious drink recipe is my own.

It is the summer time which means there will be plenty backyard parties and gatherings to attend. At these events, food is always a big deal. The host always obsesses about what he or she can serve to everyone and sometimes they forget about the drinks and end up just picking up some beer and sodas. Well, I personally don’t drink beer or soda, I’m more of a lemonade girl, so I decided to come up with a yummy cocktail perfect for summer events or just hanging out with your friends.


Alizé Spiked Lemonade Recipe
  • Make one quart of lemonade using your favorite instant lemonade mix 
  • Add in one bottle of Alizé Gold Passion liquer
  • Add champagne to taste
  • Stir well
  • Add lemons and orange for garnish


This recipe is so simple. It literally takes about 5 minutes to make. Make the lemonade add the liquor and then stir. This is more of a sweet and  girly drink but for those who enjoy to have the liquor just how it comes, Alizé is perfect for that as well, just pour over ice and enjoy. 


Alizé blends really well with lots of other popular drinks like martinis, margaritas, and mimosas, so you can take one of the three flavors(Gold Passion, Red Passion, or Bleu Passion ) or all and create even more speciality cocktails for your summer entertaining.


Life is defintely more fun in color, so try out this colorful cocktail or make your own! Uncork the possibilities with Alizé.  For more information on the full line of Alizé products and initiatives go to

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