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I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico. It’s a beach oasis without the hassle of passports and international travel hoopla. While researching how awesome Puerto Rico would be, I found out that It’s also the Rum Capital of the word. I love rum and I love a good strawberry daiquiri so I feel like a trip to Puerto Rico is necessary…and soon. I also found this new hilarious yet historically  accurate web series, It’s Rum Time, that shows how historical figures such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla celebrated momentous occasions in history…such as creating the electric light. It’s a fun series that merges rum and history together.

I enjoyed seeing how parties might have been way back when and I especially enjoyed knowing that even geniuses enjoy a daiquiri every now and then…especially when they’ve done something great. I also learned a lot…like Puerto Rico has been distilling rum for 400 years…which is how Puerto Rico became known as the rum capital of the world. The website is pretty neat. With every episode, the site also shares a Spotify playlist, a collage of the fashions at the time, and a cocktail recipe.

The recipe for this episode is “The Light Bulb”.

1 1/4oz Don Q Passion

4oz. Club Soda

Lime squeeze

Garnish: lime wheel

Glassware: Old Fashion 10oz

Method: build

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I’m back on the internet, researching how I can get to Puerto Rico! I’m excited for episode two!

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