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pantene pro-v

I’m still fairly new to the natural world…I’m actually celebrating one year of being natural this month!  Going natural was such a big deal for me. Initially, I kept this a secret because I had resisted the natural movement for so long. This was bad…since no one knew I was natural, I had no one help to figuring out what I needed to do to keep my hair healthly. The natural hair market is saturated with products and it can be overwhelming. When Pantene, first came out with it’s line for women of color, I really loved it! That’s when I was relaxed, but it’s pretty cool to see the familiar bronze bottles for women with natural hair now. Because, I was a huge fan of Pantene when I had relaxed hair, I was super excited to try the new Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural line.

pantene pro-v truly natural

I love how this picture came out! The products look gold and shiny! Definitely my hair’s knight in shining armor. I was sent the Clarifying Shampoo, Co Wash, Deep Conditioner, Argan Oil, and the Curling Custard(in order from left to right).

My sister Morgan has been natural for 5 plus years, so I went back to my parents house for her to help me with the wash process. She was very jealous of all my products and begged for them…my other sister in cosmetology school begged from them too. ( I still have them though! Lol)

Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural

This was my hair after using the Clarifying Shampoo and the Deep Conditioner. I love how the shampoo smells. 


#trulyme pantene  pro-v

This was me trying the curling custard while watching Love and Hip ATL…this was the only picture I got because I was so distracted.

My thoughts on the Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural products:


Clarifying Shampoo: I love the way the shampoo smells. It has a nice feel to it. It doesn’t make your hair feel dry after washing either.

Co-Wash: This is my 2nd favorite product in the line. The co-wash is truly amazing. Being that I’m new to the natural hair community, I had never co-washed my hair before ( don’t judge) . The Co-wash literally made my scalp feel better after taking down my braids and it made my hair feel a little softer, I think. It also didn’t cause product buildup in my hair.

Deep Conditioner: The conditioner made my hair feel softer and prevented tangling while I air dryed.

Curling Custard: I’m so sad I didn’t get an after I tried this! I love the curling custard. My absolute favorite product. I’ve never tried a curl custard before, but I heard they were heavy on your hair and this one definitely was not.

Argan Oil: I only tried this on the hair that was left out with my weave, it gave a great shine.

Natural hair products can get expensive, but items in this collection are $5 and under.


The shampoo contains sulfates. This is fine for me, but I know some naturalistas prefer their shampoo sulfate free.

My hair tends to get dry easily, I wish there was a moisturizing component to the line.



I was a transitioner, so I never did the big chop. I’m super pleased with hair growth and progress thus far! Happy Nappiversary to me! So much so that this if my first time showing my real hair on my blog! I’m always wearing my weaves!(This was my hair after using the co-wash and air-drying.)


 Overall, I’m pleased with this line. I love that it’s the familiar Pantene line and the affordable price ( I’m tired of $12 shampoo!).  In addition, to the “Truly Natural” Hair line, there is also a “Truly Relaxed” line as well.

What is your  hair regimen? Have you considered Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural? What about Truly Relaxed?

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