Y’all…I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog. I have had a lot of stuff going on too. Good and not so good…but mostly good. To make up for not posting regularly, I will have 5 post next week…one for each day! Now let me tell y’all about the weekend that drained my bank account!

So in Houston about two weeks ago, we had a huge storm. It literally rained for a day and half non-stop. We woke up to a flooded street and ran outside to get all the cars out of the street.  My car looked like it was fine. I didn’t move it anywhere but further up in the drive way to ensure that there was no water able to get inside of it. I drove my dads car, which is a large SUV to work because the streets around us were still under water. It seemed like everything was fine with my car, I started driving it again and all was well. I drove it to an event one night and it stopped, I had gas, not a full tank but enough for me to drive to the event and back home for sure. That was strange. I just wrote it off though. While at the event, I usually take a ton of pictures and snapchat my clients…my phone decided it wanted to break. So I had no phone all of a sudden. 

The next day (it was a Friday), I take my phone to Sprint and they tell me there is nothing they can do to fix my phone and that it has water damage. Mind you, my phone is my lifeline. I literally work from my phone, there is pretty much no way that it had water damage, but I just went ahead and paid $200 to get a new phone and through my insurance and $20 extra dollars for them to overnight it.  My car was still giving me issues that day too. I have been planning to get a new car but I wasn’t ready to just go out and purchase something, just yet, I was enjoying being car note free. Chile, the car was shaking and carrying on, so I drove to  Carmax the next morning and got it appraised, figured out there was water damage to the engine and in the carpeting. I thought about how much I was already paying in maintenance repairs for that car and decided it was time for us to part. I bought a new car, which meant I needed to get a new insurance policy, I’m under 25, single, and female, so you know its high. I paid another $200 for insurance too.

Well, I ended up with a new car and a new phone that weekend and about $1000 less in my bank account. But at least everything is in working condition again. Oh, and here is my new car…her name is Nancy. Fancy Nancy.

13234831_10153656340320878_1288423740_o (1)

Expect new blog post about me personalizing her because y’all know I can’t just let things stay how they are! 

Happy Friday!

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