Last week I had the opportunity to test out the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport edition courtesy of DriveShop  for a week. At first, I was thinking, this car looks like a soccer mom car, but  it’s actually perfect for girls like me– Young, Modern, and Fabulous.

5 Reasons The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is Perfect For Girls on The Go


Dress: Go Jane//Shoes: Charlotte Russe//Necklace: Mommy’s Jewelry Box  

  1. This car is the perfect size. I never really understood what the “compact SUV” thing was, but now I do. I learned how to drive in a Tahoe, which was huge, and I couldn’t fit in a lot of spaces. I mastered it after bumping a few cars, but this car fits in every spot, but still gives you all the space you need.


   2. It’s spacious. The trunk is perfect for storing groceries, shopping bags, and if you are an event planner like me, centerpieces, flowers, and wedding gifts. 

   3. It’s packed full of features.  It’s keyless entry. The radio and sound system is amazing. There is an actual outlet in the car…yes, to charge your phone, no car charger needed. The faux sun roof allows you to get the          perfect lighting for your selfie, but allows you to close it up when temperatures reach 109 like it did here in Houston. It’s a pretty awesome car.


   4. Your friends can fit. Don’t you hate when you are going out somewhere and one of your friends volunteers to drive, knowing good and well that their car only seats 2 people comfortably. This car can seat 6 people,          along with their purses, change of shoes, and everything else that you think of. 


    5. It’s a cute car.  Nobody wants to drive around in a big, ugly, boring car. This car is cute and definitely worthy of a #Carfie. 


But first let me take a #carfie! #drivemitsubishi #blogger #carreview #cargirls

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I had so much fun in this car! I went everywhere from work, to events, to the club, and this car was perfect for me every step of the way! I was really sad when I had to give it back. I made a video to show you all around the car and highlight some of my favorite features. Check it out!

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