Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring-Taylor-Brione-Ballard

I’ve been saying that I need a new car and testing out these vehicles with DriveShop have been a great opportunity to see what I want. I have been going back and forth between an crossover SUV and sports car. I know right, completely different. Well, I recently test drove the Mazda Cx-5 for a week and when someone asks me how I describe it, I can’t help but say “Cuteeee.” Now that is not a bad, I’ve used cute before and some people get offended by that word but when I use cute…I really do mean it the way the dictionary has it listed.


So what makes this vehicle so cute? Well one the size. With it being a crossover, sometimes the vehicles tend to be too small or too big, but this vehicle is just right. I can squeeze into tight parking spots but also pack the car full of junk when I have an event


The car is also designed really well, it’s very stylish. It’s not excessively bulky or wide. Oh and the tires are really nice too (yes, those are factory rims.)


The interior is really nice as well. These seats weren’t entirely leather but they were a sports design with a center leather portion that made for a comfy seat. And you know I love technology which this car had a lot of. GPS, rearview camera, bluetooth connections, text and email capabilities, you name it. I wasn’t sure how to use the GPS at first but I caught on. The car is also really safe, there is no typing an address into the GPS while the car is in motion and text and emails are read aloud to you. I love that feature!!


The only thing that would make this car any cuter…is painting it pink! Thank you Mazda and DriveShop for letting me borrow this car for a while!

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