I just so happened to look at my calendar and it’s exactly 59 days until I’ll be heading to Tennessee for a fun filled weekend of eating, partying, shopping, and skiing. All of those things sound super fun and I can do everything here in Houston…except SKI!  I’ve never really been able to be in real snow. It “snowed” once when I was in elementary school and another time when I was in high school…but it was gone the next day! That is not real snow! Lol I’m trying to build a snow-woman that will be there in the morning! That’s why I’m so excited about skiing…and about going to Tennessee in general. Little known fact, before 2o12, I had never been on a plane before and I had only been out of the state for two family road trips. In just over two years, I’ve been 8 states and traveled internationally! I tried to make up for lost time. Lol Anyway, that’s why I’m super excited about traveling and experiencing things I’ve never done before.  Now, that it’s two months prior to my trip I need to get my outfits together! I’ve looked up what to wear skiing and I created a wish list of some of the things that I want to wear while skiing. I know it’s going to be cold but that does NOT mean I’m not going to be cute!

What To Pack For a Ski Trip

Breast Cancer Timberlands// North Face Gloves// Joules Quilted Jacket // Scarf, Beanie, Gloves Set //  Nebula Ski Google, // Victoria Secret Thermal

So now I need to figure out how to get some of this stuff! Winter clothes are a little bit more expensive, but I’m going to start saving up my coins and being resourceful so that I can be cute while I’m skiing! As I prepare for my ski trip and while I’m there you can follow my journey using #BlackGirlsSkiToo…cause we do!

Any advice for a first time skiier?

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