I love entertaining and party planning. Being a professional event planner, I naturally take any opportunity to celebrate seriously. I plan my own parties with the same level of detail and passion as I do my clients’ weddings. I’m crazy like that! So  I wanted to share some tips on how you to plan a wine party that is fab! 


A common misconception is that since you are having a party at your house you don’t have to do much. It’s the exact opposite, unless you are hiring a complete staff to come and help you plan, decorate, and coordinate your party, you actually have to do a lot more. It’s important to decide on whether your party will be formal or informal, decide who you are inviting, plan out your menu, and perfect the little details that people remember. I’ve actually created a free checklist that will help you along the way!

Wine Party Planning Checklist

                                         Download your free PDF here.


At parties people always act awkward like they don’t know where things are. Set everything up where it looks touchable and accessible.  Most of all make it look inviting! It’s a good idea to do finger foods and party trays because it gets people up and out of their comfort zone. Also, set up giveaway items and  favors too so people will get excited about what they will be receiving. My grandma has excellent and wrote everyone’s name on their wine glass in a beautiful script. Easy peasy party favor!





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Once everything is set up and planned out, enjoy your party! Walk around and serve your guest and talk to them about the different wines and about life…catch up! Plan some fun games and activities for everyone to keep the energy high. I had a massage therapist come and EVERYONE loved him.







Thank You To

Anew Wines for providing the delicious wine!

Kimberley Moore-Ballard  (My Mommy)  for letting my use her house.

Gloria Scott for catering the food.

JoAnne Moore (My Nana)  for customizing the wine glasses.

Shalanda Turner for taking some of the pictures (my camera is in the hospital)

All my guest who attended my #AnewSummer wine party!



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