My First Auto Show



I planned to attend the auto show this year but had no idea what to expect. I tried to invite some of my friends and they were like girl, why are you going there? So I just planned to attend with my little sister/intern/photographer, who loves cars. Then GMC and GMC team invited me to attend the Houston show as their guest and I was like heck yeah, now I’m really going! I can honestly say this was one of the times that I’m glad I went with my first mind and didn’t second guess going. This was such a great experience. Let’s talk about it…

Day One: VIP Preview Gala

The VIP Preview night was my favorite night. One because you get to dress up, have some food and cocktails, and two, it’s only open to media and VIPS.


If it wasn’t for me attending the preview gala, I wouldn’t have been able to get a lot of the pictures that I did. The expo hall is huge and with me wearing heels (and even when I’m not) it’s a lot of walking. I took more than half of the photos of the cars on preview night. Plus, I was able to get in the cars and play around with some of the neat technology.




Scattered amongst the cars were yummy food stations and several open bars (I didn’t drink anything) oh and some dessert bars too! I bought my Nana (grandmother) along as my date for the night. She really enjoyed herself! She was reminiscing about the classic cars and obsessing over the  newer Lexus’ and Range Rovers.





I also caught up with the other GMC Bloggers. There were a lot of us! We chatted with the ladies from She Buys Cars and took a social media challenge and then we went back to enjoying the event.


Day Two: Press Day & First Day to Public

The very next day my sister Hannah and I arrived to the NRG center at 8:30am. That is an accomplishment since we are like 45 minutes away in a suburb. Chrysler provided a hearty breakfast burrito bar and then we began our day. We started off at Camp Jeep and Camp Dodge where we tested out some of the new Jeeps and pickups.



My sister Hannah who is responsible for all of my lovely pictures is obsessed with cars so the next couple of hours were her taking obnoxious selfies with Lamborghini’s and Maseratis.


We enjoyed a cajun inspired lunch and went on to test drive cars such as the Ford Escape, Lexus Hybrid, and a Porsche! Day two was tiring. We walked up and down the entire  expo so that we didn’t miss anything. I entered a ton of contest and ended up winning the Ford selfie contest! A couple of the booths changed things up after most of the press left. Ford had a roller coaster inspired game, Chevy gave away backpacks, Hyundai was giving away gift cards, and Kia had a giant Hamster there.  Hyundai-New-Elantra-2017

There is so much to do and so much energy you will be tired when you leave. Before we left, we attended a private thank you reception courtesy of GMC. They thanked us for being awesome social media rockstars and awarded prizes for the social media contest. I ended up winning a Kate Spad iPad case…but I traded for a cute GMC jacket, since I’m #TeamAndroid. Not regretting it either, the jacket is comfy! Lol


Thank you so much to She Buys Cars and GMC for this awesome opportunity! I had so much fun and am already looking forward to the next time I can attend an Auto Show! To see more photos of the cars visit my the album on my fan page

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Disclosure: I was invited as a guest of GMC and She Buys Cars. I was compensated to attend and share my experiences with you…nevertheless, I had a ton of fun!