Chile, I’m so behind in blogging, I’ve been busy and sad and just didn’t feel like sharing.  But now that I’m a little better, I wanted to share  my fun trip to Vegas! After a very busy graduation season, my friend and official travel partner, Paige and I headed to Las Vegas to round off our wild and free college years. What better place than the Sin City? 

Where We Stayed

We searched for hotels online and then we’d read the reviews and be turned off. We didn’t know where to stay! We didn’t want some raggedy room, we wanted luxury (that we could still afford)…you know we are kind of bougie!  We contacted our travel agent and she was able to get us an awesome deal for Caesars Palace. YES. The Caesars Palace! Our room was phenomenal and we had an awesome view of the strip. We made sure not to touch any of the snacks that were on display, you know those are always expensive, but at this hotel, they had sensors on them, so if you move it, you are automatically charged. (I learned about this in my hotel classes, but had never seen it before.)





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 Where We Ate

When we travel, individuals tend to try to get us to give them money or try to get us to buy this really over priced stuff. Paige always shouts out, “We don’t have any money! We got here on a wish and a prayer!” It’s literally the funniest thing ever. When we were in Vegas, we noticed that the food was really expensive…drinks were cheap–and free if you are cute–but the food was high! Lol Let me tell y’all a storyreal quick…so we walked into this place trying to get some ice cream. Mind you, I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m like, “We’re in Vegas, I’m going to have some ice cream!” Chile, we looked at that menu and those were the most expensive ice cream sundaes, I’d ever seen in my life…one of the cost a thousand dollars. We just got up and walked out laughing. We didn’t even drink our water…it probably cost $25 a glass. We didn’t really eat that much…I don’t remember even being hungry. Oh yeah, we did have breakfast at some hole in the wall place after we left the club one morning. (Lol) Why did we go to eat with these guys and their card got declined? Bahaha We were so embarrassed. I think the total was like $20 for all four of us. Paige and I paid our ten dollars and the tip and we had to get up out of there with a quickness!

Sugar Factory

We went in the Sugar Factory just to look around because it’s a candy store and it looked so fun. We bought some cookies and when we were leaving we noticed that there is a restaurant part too. We got some burgers…mine was good, but I’m kind of jealous Paige had a white chocolate pretzel bun. Omg…yumgasm!


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Sugar Factory Burgers.jpg

Ketchup Premium Burger Bar

I had a boring salad here just because my stomach was just kind of tore up (indigestion), but I did enjoy the happy hour. I don’t remember what the exact prices were…but it was a deal! I had my trust tequila shots and Paige had a delicious sounding Fireball Milkshake, made with Fireball Whiskey and Cinnamon Toast Crunch crumbles. If I wasn’t scared that my stomach would have been even more tore up, I would have tried one too. 


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What We Did


We are so childish but we needed some other non-partying things to do during the day. We went to Adventuredome and rode rides like the big kids we are. Don’t we look childish? The rides were actually kind of fun, even though it’s designed for kids and tweens. But on another note our skin was so clear in Vegas…we kept getting ashy, but our skin looked flawless.


Indoor Skydiving 

Skydiving has been on my yearly to-do list  for three  years in a row, I was never scared of skydiving, but I wanted to kind of practice before I did the real thing. Chile, I got in this little air hole thingy and I was totally scared…looking at the pictures it wasn’t even that high andddd even if I fell which I wouldn’t have because the man was holding me…everything is soft and cushion-y. I’m so embarrassed…and this all the skydiving I’m every going to do. If you look at the picture below you can see Paige in the background laughing at me!

Taylor Brione Indoor Skydiving Vegas

Where We Partied

We went to a lot of different places in Vegas, some of them were lame, others were okay (but not memorable), and there was a fun place or two. It’s taken me two months to write this (bad blogger) and now I can’t remember all the places we went to. But I do remember what was happening in these places. Lol Chile, people need to quit. One strange man, who I’m sure was high of some illegal substance grabbed me and tried to kiss me…now y’all know I don’t play that! I cussed him out real good. Also, one girl was so drunk, she literally was walking and fell on the hard tile floor. Paige and I helped her up and gather her things before she was swiftly escorted out of the club. What else? Umm, there was some characters who just couldn’t dress. I’m all about personal style, but there is a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed! Lol Vegas is surely a 24 hour city, you just never stop, there is always something to do. It’s kind of tiring really. Some of the night spots we went to are below, as I remember, I’ll add links.

Out in Vegas



Tao Beach


Have you been to Vegas? What is your favorite part? 

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