Y’all I feel great! Previously on my blog, I’ve shared about my personal bouts with depression and an eating disorder. Food is a constant struggle for me but not in a super unhealthy way. I’ve had a pretty decent handle on my eating for a while so I’m good there. Now, my depression was another beast. It took a combination of counseling, rebuilding my faith, and medication to feel much better. I don’t want to say that I’m cured of depression but I will say that I haven’t had strong feelings of depression in close to two years! My depression was very seasonal/transitional and my circumstances have changed drastically, so that is probably why. Now this anxiety that my depression left behind is another story! My anxiety is really bad…somehow I even developed a fear of planes…which I have been forcing myself to work through. (Having a lot of success) My primary care physician prescribed me Lexapro to help combat my anxiety and I do want to say that it works. Lol it works a little too well. This past year I gained 27 pounds! Yes, you read absolutely correct. TWENTY SEVEN.

Now, I don’t weigh myself because that is just not healthy for me but I started noticing that my size 10s were turning into 12’s and then 12’s into 14s. And most noticeably my bodycon dresses are not too flattering. Now, I love my curvy shape and some of my weight gains has been good (HELLO BOOBS!) but overall I’m not pleased with how my body looks. So instead of resorting to unhealthy measures as I have done in the past, I hired a personal trainer and joined a gym. I also plan to really commit to eating healthier as I know this will be a big part of my shaping back up.

Despite my weight gain, I feel really good. I am happy and healthy. I have really focused on being positive, being around positive people, rest, and self-care. Now I will be including exercise and healthy eating into my self-care regimen. I also want to share that I will be transitioning off of Lexapro in 2018, hopefully by the end of March. I plan to start taking doctor approved supplements, drinking tea, and drinking lavender lemonade.

Mental health is so important and I’m so glad I started making positive changes when I did because I have been going uphill ever since. I know that since I’m going to be in the gym with my trainer three times a week, I will be looking as good on the outside as I feel in the inside!