I was invited to test drive the newest Ford F-150 at the Sam Houston Race Park. Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with cars. Not the engines and speeds and all that other stuff. But, how cars look and the features they have inside. After reading up on the new F 150’s I knew I had to attend this event.


We started off with a breakfast spread. Muffins, pastries, orange juice and other yummy things to get fueled for the day. Since, I attended as press, we had to be there bright and early…7 am, so I’m grateful that breakfast was provided. I took this as an opportunity to chat with some of the other attendees. I’m pretty sure that I was the only one under 30 there and I didn’t see any other women there either. Yes, and I just so happened to be wearing a fuschia shirt with sparkly fuchsia tennis shoes. #TheMost Anyway, everyone was still pretty nice to me.


After chit chatting, we visited the Ford Materials Lab where we learned all about what the trucks were made of. Now, as I sad before, I don’t get all interested in the nitty gritty, I just like to know about the pretty and fun stuff. I didn’t understand any of what they were talking about. Lol I was however very intrigued at how light weight the materials used to make the body of the vehicle were. I’m literally lifting it with one finger! How’s that for #FordTough? 



We then went out to test drive the cars. I was obsessed with some of the features that were in the car too. Umm massage chairs and full wall outlets. What? I need those in my life.



The new Ford 150 Truck has massaging chairs and an outlet!! The dashboard has alot of info too! #FordTX

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I’m the safest driver ever (I’ve been in accidents but they aren’t my fault). I don’t speed like ever. I always go the speed limit. So, my video of me driving is like an 80 year old woman driving. I was talking to myself too. Lol 




Well, I really enjoyed driving these trucks! When they make a limited edition pink one, I’ll be first in line to purchase!

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