Through my blog  I’ve been able to have such great experiences! Some of them I worked really hard for, some of them I’ve been chosen for, and some of them have been just luck (more like God’s favor). That’s kind of what happened with my “#BuickBrackets” experience. I was emailed to participate in a contest–create final four brackets and be entered to win a variety of prizes. My bracket was a bust but I received an email in the wee hours of the night that I had won two tickets to the Final Four Semi-Finals and Championship, a behind the scenes tour of the setup, and a one week vehicle loan. I was so shocked and so excited! 


The Tour

The Friday before the games my sister Hannah and I took a behind the scenes tour of the set up. As an event planner, I was into the logistics of everything that I took less pictures than what I had planned. The Final Four is a well oiled machine with team members from their office as well as  individuals from future host sites as well making sure this event runs like clock work. I was able to get to take photos on the court, get into the North Carolina locker rooms, check out the media station, and of course learn the history of Final Four.







The Games

I went to both games, the semi-finals and the championship. On Saturday (semi-finals) I went to the game with my mom. We watched Villanova defeat Oklahoma, and North Carolina defeated Syracuse. We had a ton of fun and even dressed in coordinating outfits. We wanted to get a margarita but they weren’t serving alcohol…we did get huge bake potatoes and Oreos though. I went to the Championship with my friend Paige and we didn’t get a picture together but the game was amazing! It was close the entire team with neither team ever being more than 5 points behind. I just knew it was going to go into overtime but Villanova made a basket on the buzzer and it was over with! Crazy game for sure!









The Car

Buick sent me to the game in style. The 2016 Buick Regal is SUCH a nice car! If my next car is a sedan, I’d look into this one. It has a ton of luxury (leather, infotainment, smart technology, rear view camera, etc) and is still very much affordable.

Thank you so much to the Buick team for this amazing experience! I’m grateful to have been chosen–even if randomly. I had so much fun and I absolutely adore the Buick Regal! You guys rock!

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