I was recently invited to attend the Millenials In Business brunch. It was held at 024 Grille at Westin Memorial City. I love business and I love brunch so I was super excited to attend. This event was an intimate brunch that invited women to come together and share ideas and receive inspiration for their big ideas. Several attendees shared how they were interested in starting businesses or continuing their education and the panelist offered advice to help them move forward.

While we listened to inspirational messages from the panelist we enjoyed a wonderful brunch from the 024 Grille. I ordered cinnamon raisin french toast and it was delicious. While we dined, there was a brief period of intermission where we heard from one of the sponsors about fitness. He showed us some different workout techniques that would prevent us from injuring ourselves as well as the correct way to do squats. (Everyone’s favorite workout)

After we warmed up our bodies, we had a very warming conversation. Here were some of my takeaways:

  • Find your purpose in your passion.
  • Prioritize what is important to you.
  • Family is important. Prioritize that.
  • Keep God first.
  • Support other women.

After listening to the panelist, there was another presentation from a sponsor, Cartiay Reshay. She sells gifts and garments for the woman about her business! There is a white jumpsuit on her site that I NEED!

I love events that you leave feeling inspired. All of the attendees were so attentive and the panelist had so much information to share. I saw so many people exchanging information and tips at the end of the event. Kudos to the Founder and CEO, Orobosa Owie for creating a community for millennials who are all about their business. Despite, what these articles say about millennials, we are really all about making our passions profitable.