If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, then you know the last two years of my life has changed tremendously. Not because of all the transition that I’ve been through…but because I became a dog mom.  It sounds so dramatic but my life really changed a lot and for the better. I went from a college student who was all over the place and unorganized to someone who had to care for another life (and pick up shoes to prevent them from being eaten). It really is great. I still make happy hour with my friends and I still travel (sometimes with my dog) but I’ve also had to make time for training, doggie playdates, and save money for doggie daycare. 


Being a dog mom is super important to me. I love running around and doing errand with my dog and I love taking her with me everywhere. ( I just take her and apologize later). So I’m super excited about my new t-shirt for dog moms! We are truly the new soccer moms!


I’ve been using this hashtag #DogMomIsTheNewSoccerMom all over social media and I’ve been working behind the scenes to create these shirts for other proud dog moms just like me! Now you can order one of your very own! Place your orders below and share how you balance your dog mom duties with your other life obligations in the comments.