I’ve been 25 for almost 2 months and I feel the exact same. My car insurance only went down by $10 freaking dollars! Nevertheless, 25 is such a milestone and I’m glad to have made it this far. Remember when I said I was done with birthday parties until I was 30? I meant it. I still wanted to celebrate my birthday so I actually hosted dinner for the children and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House Houston. The house allows families and children with serious illnesses and diseases stay close to their doctors without breaking the bank. It also provides a homey feeling to the families who are often shuffled from place to keep up with their children’s doctors or even worse, having to choose between paying rent or paying for treatments. I love what the Ronald McDonald House stands for so I wanted to help. Every day at the house, volunteers are able to provide a meal for the families, I decided to cook for these families on my birthday weekend which also happened to be Father’s Day. It was such an amazing experience.







Thank you so much to my friends and family who decided to help me celebrate! It was an awesome experience that I’m so glad to have shared with you all. I loved the charitable theme for my birthday, so I have already started planning what I’m doing for next year. Cheers to Chapter 25!!