Last week, some of the Houston Fashion Bloggers were invited to Visit Dallas, by Veronica Torres, who is charge of Diversity Marketing. She gave us quick VIP tour to give a glimpse of what Dallas had to offer and believe me they have alot! I’ve been thinking about moving to Dallas, TX or Atlanta, GA after I graduate and now I really have to think about it! Dallas is so cool and they have alot of great stuff. The slogan for Dallas is “Big Things Happen Here” and you can explore all the big things that the Houston Fashion Bloggers got into on Twitter and Instagram with our hashtags #hfbroadtrip and #mydallas! Veronica showed us some really hot things to do and so I put together a city guide for you to use when you plan your trip to Dallas.


Crowne Plaza Dallas

This was a great hotel! Nice and cool and located in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately, there was an electrical fire and we were moved to another property in the downtown area. But there was a front desk agent named Jason who was just the bees knees! He was so awesome and fabulous! I love him!

Sheraton Downtown Dallas

This hotel was super accommodating given the circumstances and their room got really cold, which I really love! The furniture in the room was super chic and modern, which I liked as well.



The food at Dallas Chop House was delicious! OMG! I’m not a steak girl, but I really enjoyed the food! The first course was a Farmers Market Salad, followed by an All-Natural Angus Filet with mashed potatoes and roasted garlic, and we ended with a lime cheesecake with fruit salsa!
We went to Mi Cocina, where I had a yummy taco salad! I loved how the made it more salad-y than taco-y. Unfortunately, I had eaten more than half of my food, before I realized that I didn’t get my food pictures! Bad blogger!!
At The Grill, I was too full to eat! I’m not used to eating more than one meal a day (two on a good day), I just had mashed potatoes, but they were good nonetheless!


So the Bishop Arts District is super chic! There are boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and theatres. I really loved the cute little shops they had! I wanted to buy so much stuff, but I had to practice self control. Definitely stop by here!
I’m not really into football or baseball or really any sport besides basketball.  I don’t follow basketball like I use to (especially on TV), but any time I can see a game in action , I’m so there! Especially if you are in a suite! This was my first time seeing the game from a suite view, it was very cool, and felt like a VIP! If I had to choose, I’d rather be courtside…but I’d choose the suite over my ratty $50 tickets any day!


Hotel Zaza is a nice hotel, like I love it there! Their restaurant turns into a lounge at night and it’s kind of cool, especially if you are into that grown and sexy scene.

Winston’s Supperclub
So this is pretty much the coolest club ever! You know if the entrance reads “and yes style does matter” and there is a swing in the club it’s a hot spot! The decor and the ambiance of the club is sort of like an upscale club in London, I can’t wait until the open up one in Houston!

I had a blast here! I love the urban feel at this club and the music was banging! And guess what, some of the Mavericks came after the win!  If  When I go back to Dallas, I will definitely be back here!


This mall was cool, I mostly stayed in XXI, but they need to get some restrooms closer! I really like how you can valet here!
This mall was so nice! Of course you can valet here too! (I’m going to need all the malls in Houston to follow suit!) We attended the Macy’s Grand Christmas Tree lighting and it was spectacular! There were fireworks and a skating Santa! Loved it!

Recaps from Other Bloggers

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So I pretty much had a blast in Dallas! Thank you to the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and Veronica Torres for organizing such an AHHHMAZING trip! I will definitely be back!