I’ve partnered with Clorox® to talk about how I clean up life’s messes because who knows more about cleaning up than Clorox®? Although, compensation was provided all the opinions and hot messes in this blog post are mine.

I think I’ve finally figured out this adulting thing. I’ll be 25 this year and even though I’ve been an adult “legally” since I was 18, I clearly had no idea what I was doing. I’ve finally figured out that adulting is all about cleaning up messes. Messes can come in all different shapes and sizes, it can literally be spilling red punch on your countertops or it can be making a big decision without all your facts. I recently did this.

So I started a new (day) job that is pretty awesome, but pretty far from home. 45 miles each way to be exact. (That’s 90 miles a day, times 5 days a week, and I just bought a new car in April.) So I had to move. I started looking around town for affordable rental properties and it is tough–especially when you need/want to be close to the city, a decent amount of space, and you have a dog. One day, I found a super cute patio home. It was affordable, in a decent location, and my dog was welcome. I sent my friend to look at it and she liked it for me too. I applied, got approved, and scheduled a move. Here’s where the mess ensues, the landlord kept taking forever to get things together. Then they changed my move date twice. They gave away the actual home that I wanted and gave me another. Just a total mess.


                       My younger sister Morgan has been super supportive in my moving process!

Long story short, the new place was not suitable for me (or anyone)to live. It was dusty, dirty, smelly, unfinished, and just a total safety hazard. The kid in me cried for days–I can’t lie. I packed up everything, had the lights and natural gas changed over to my name, cable and internet scheduled. AN ABSOLUTE MESS. It’s been several weeks and I’m finally moving and mostly recovered from that fiasco. Another part of being an adult is compromise. I’m moving to an apartment (not a house), that welcomes me and my dog, a little further out of town (not too long of a drive to all the fun.)


Sparkle doesn’t like the smell of Clorox but once the bathroom was cleaned she watched me set up in awe.

I’m not a germaphobe but when I move into an apartment I have to do a major cleaning. I know they have staff doing that ,but I seem to still find a ton of dirt. I have to be sure to sanitize all of the most frequently used areas– specifically the hard surfaces, like the bathtub, bathroom sinks, countertops, and light switches!

For most hard surfaces I do the following:

o Use 1/2 cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach in 1 gallon of water.
o Thoroughly wet surface with the solution and allow it to remain on the surface for 5
o Rinse with clean water and dry.

 The bathrooms require a little bit more work.  I often find that the cleanup crew cleaned up but left some stuff behind. FYI: Your shower grout isn’t supposed to be black, that’s mold guys. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to pay a ton to have it removed by a “professional,” you can just use Clorox® Regular-Bleach. Here’s how:

o Disinfect all cleaned surfaces with a solution of ½ cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach diluted
in 1 gallon of water.
o Let the solution stay on the surface for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with clear water
or allowing to dry.
o Routinely check potential problem spots (e.g. Bathroom, laundry, kitchen, etc.) for moldy odors, and disinfect often with a solution of ½ cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach diluted in 1
gallon of water.


Adulting is hard. Everything doesn’t always go the way you planned. Messes happen. Big messes happen. And even though you feel like everything is ruined it can always be cleaned up…it just requires a little elbow grease. I’ll keep you all updated on the new apartment journey!

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