So about two weeks ago,  I left work and headed straight to the movie theatre. I had been dying to see “When The Bough Breaks” but I couldn’t find a friend with an opening in his or her schedule to go with. #SingleGirlsProblems So I ended up alone in the theatre with a large slice of pizza, Jack and Coke, and gelato. Weird combo I know but it made being by myself at the movies so much easier. (If you’re in the Houston area, you should visit Santikos Pallidium…full bar, full menu, and a gelato station is the only way to watch movie.)

Back to the movie, so I’m going to start off by saying the movie was predictable, however, I still found myself on the edge of the seat at times, trying to figure out what the crazy surrogate was going to do. So, John (Morris Chestnut) and Laura (Regina Hall) are a wealthy couple living in New Orleans. They seem to have it all together minus one thing…a baby. Laura has had several miscarriages and has one viable embryo left. She revisits surrogacy and ends up with Anna Walsh (Jaz Sinclair), a 21, seemingly shy, young woman eager to help them with their dream of having a child. John has some initial suspicions about Anna but Laura falls in love with her and feels like she is the perfect match for them. Anna’s relationship with her boyfriend becomes violent and she moves in with Laura and John. I was thinking that this was unrealistic, but apparently, lots of families allow their surrogates to live with them. While, living with them Anna naturally becomes obsessed with John and starts doing all kinds of crazy stuff. What was unexpected was that John pretty much ignored and fought her advances. (Aww, black love!) But, the girl was crazy and her craziness escalated throughout the film, which made for a pretty good movie watching experience. I wasn’t expecting anyone to die in this film but there was a murder and an attempted murder as well…I won’t spoil that for you.  In the end, the couple ended up with their baby and after all of that mess, they truly deserved to be parents. The ending was a little strange as the couple just sat in the living room with sirens going off…then the credits started rolling. Like…what the heck? I have seen a lot of movies with a similar storyline and we usually get a little hint about what happens but this was truly left up to us to come up with our own conclusion. I’m just going to imagine that they lived happily ever after. 



Photo Credit: IMDB

One thing that was consistent throughout the movie was the slayage from both Regina Hall and Jaz Sinclair. I have  natural hair now but was relaxed for most of my life. Chile, Jaz’s curls gave me life and Regina’s edges were so laid that I literally could not take it. I had hair envy for sure.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Since, we’re on the subject of hair, I’ve teamed up with Motions to give away a gift basket with over $65 worth of haircare products! Be sure to enter below and for sure go see this movie! Don’t go alone though…there were several times I wanted to whisper to someone about the movie…but then I realized I was there by myself.

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