Hey there! As you can see there has been some changes to the blog! SparklePoshPup and Pretty Pink Living are now one big pink posh site! Expect  to see the same content as before with adorable sprinkles of canine cuteness!


We’ve been on tour this summer for our #SparkleAcrossTexas tour with Amazing Pet Expos! We’ve been to Houston, Dallas, and just finished this past weekend in Austin. Although, we are native Houstonians, Austin was by far our favorite stop! Austin is known for being pet friendly and the city did not disappoint. We’ve been giving away some super awesome baskets but this time around we teamed up with our friends at Daisy Care to give away some equally awesome Puppchino care packages


If you haven’t heard of Daisy Care, you are missing out! Daisy Care creates curated packages with quality treats, toys, and dog friendly accessories. They put together these packages to keep you from having to waste time and money figuring out what is best for your pups. The team at Daisy Care is passionate about dogs and their people. In fact, Daisy Care is named after the CEO’s own rescue pup, who was dumped on a co-workers property. They’ve had Daisy for over 3 years now and you can often find her cute picture on Instagram or Facebook. They know that people love their pets and strive to provide quality and a sense of “poshness” for the pups in your life. So to our winners from the Pet Expo, you are indeed lucky!




As usual there were a ton of cute pups hanging around and I got to meet so many new fur-iends and my mom gets to buy me some cool things too. She ended up buying some little pouch that I can lay in,  was scared at first but it is quite comfy afterall.






The Austin Pet Expo and the entire #SparkleAcrossTexas tour was a lot of fun! Although, I love traveling, I’m glad that I’m back into my normal swing of things and can enjoy 16 hour naps when I’m not a day camp!