Arts, Beats, and Lyrics was a very cool night for Houstonians who attended. I had never attended the event before so I didn’t know what to expect. As a Media/VIP Guest, I was invited to a reception with an open bar and appetizers (which is always a plus after treking around town in traffic). I also was able to network with other VIPs and interview a Sales/Marketing Representative for Jack Daniels in the Houston and Dallas area. It was a neat start.image006

After leaving the pre-event festivities, I entered into the main event space. I wasn’t prepared for what I’d see! SO. MUCH. ARTWORK. And it wsn’t boring artwork either. Everything was colorful and thoughtful, I found myself stopping at several displays  and just staring in awe. 



The DJ was jamming! When I say that he played everything you wanted to hear and stuff you forgot you wanted to hear, I’m not kidding! He was jamming. Unfortunately, I am old lady in a 23 year old body, I couldn’t hang until Twista came out. My friends who stayed around enjoyed the local musical acts and of course Twista and they told me I missed out. I have to move back into the loop so there won’t be such a huge drive hone for me!


ABL with Paige

Overall, I had a lot of fun and Jack Honey ( the sponsored drink) is my favorite drink ever. I can’t wait until nest year when it comes back to Houston!

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