Hey! I’m Taylor Brione!

I’m a 25 year old Houston Lifestyle Blogger and Event Planner in the grand ole state of Texas. I’m not your traditional southerner though!  I love the Lord with all my heart, and I do say “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, but I’m very Liberal and can’t cook to save my life. (I’m working on this in 2017)  I’m a  graduate of the University of Houston (Go Coogs). Yes, smart girls can be pretty too! I like to think of myself as the ultimate girly girl! I love all things pink and I practically bleed glitter. On this  blog I share my love for fashion, travel, technology, event planning, my dog,  and pop culture, all from a pretty pink point of view. Oh yeah, I talk about my life too. It’s hard out here for young, modern, and fabulous women! And my awesome hobby. Did I tell you I was a  Barbie Collector? Well I am! Some people call me Black Barbie–I respond.  Yeah, I’m also a Feminist. (Wait isn’t Barbie Anti-Feminist??) No. She isn’t and we can have that conversation if you’d like.  I’m also an eating disorder survivor. Yes, black people suffer from from eating disorders too. No Barbie didn’t have anything to do with it I consider myself to be a pretty peppy person, except for my bout with brief bout with transitional depression. Omg. I’m a walking oxymoron. What else…umm, I’m a bachelorette and I live in the ultimate bachelorette pad.  Pretty much all of my furniture and decor is pink , there are giant pictures of me displayed, I have a fitness pole, a Barbie  room, my fridge is empty, and my closet is full. I also  enjoy a good DIY project and I’m the self-proclaimed Box Cake Queen! I like to think of myself as a Social-Media Lite…part socialite, part social media enthusiast. I love the internet chile, Google me….I’m all over the web! I’m not like Drake, I like making new friends so look around, leave some comments, and don’t be a stranger.
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Hello, I’m Sparkle!  I’m a four-year-old Maltese living in Houston, TX. My human and I decided to create this site to share my posh lifestyle. Posh means stylishly luxurious. Yep. I’m fancy. I love going to doggie brunch with my dog friends and their humans. If you serve doggie french fries…I’m so there. I like dressing up to go places but I prefer to be naked around the house. To my mommy’s dismay, I generally strip down before bed. I need at least 16 hours of sleep a day to function properly. My favorite color is pink and if you know my mommy, you’d understand why I inherited this love. I love rawhide bones. I literally can play with them for hours. I’m a young pup always looking for my next fun adventure. I’m excited about sharing these adventures and cool doggie things I find along the way! Woof!


Photography Credit: Sophie Touassa

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