Women Who Win: Voices of Success

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I’m so glad thatI was able to attend this event. When I tell you that I’ve been depressed…it is an understatement. (Hence, the lack of blog post, social shares, funny reality TV tweets, etc.) Chile, I’ve just being going home, catching a show every now and then and then heading straight to bed by 8pm. If you know me (or follow me on social media), you know I’m generally jetting around Houston, getting home by midnight at the earliest. I’ve just been feeling like a failure. Like I haven’t lived up to my highest potential thus far. Like I just plain suck. The post collegiate adjustment is real! I’ve always done really well and I think I just had these super unrealistic expectations of myself and it’s just been causing me to feel awful. Luckily, I was invited to this event–Women Who Win: Voices of Success mini Conference here in Houston.

The event was held in the clubhouse of a luxury apartment complex just outside of the medical center. I miss living inside the loop! There was delicious food and yummy deserts. There was wine as well. You know women fellowship well over tasty bites and yummy drinks. I had to get seconds and thirds and take some cake to go. If you follow me on Instagram…you know my refrigerator is pitiful.

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Women Who Win empires was founded by Cassandra  Guillory ( she is also the CEO of La Bella Elise Lingerie), she spoke first about what inspired her to start this non-profit support organization for women. After being involved with other non-profits that helped women she started her own to help women who had lost their hope and struggled through difficult circumstances. She formed Women Who Win to be a guide and support system for women who needed it…which at some point we al do.

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Before starting the program, we heard from Ashlyn Carr who appeared on American Idol. Her voice was powerful and really set the tone for how powerful the event was going to be.

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The first speaker was Alissa Jones, an author (The Stones That Built Me Strong) and foundation director (Survivors with Voices) she spoke about how she dealt with being abuse and how her dealing with her unseen scars helped her to launch a movement to help other women dealing with abuse from their past or present.  (She is pictured on the far left below.)

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Ramona Franklin of Ramona Franklin Office shared her ups and downs of her law career and shared how he she was inspired to run for Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 5.

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Kristal Howard, the PR Manager for Kroger (UH Alum–Go Coogs!), spoke to us about  personal branding and how she was able to be successful in her career because she knows her craft and does her job so well. She also sat next to me during the conference and gave me some great post-collegiate advice. She’s so sweet!

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Nakia Cooper is a Senior Web Producer at KRPC Channel 2 here in Houston. She also has a site News With Attitude She spoke about overcoming abuse, being a protective parent, and how important her education was to her. Her portion was overwhelming and she spoke with such passion…I was literally on the verge of tears. Her story is very inspiring.

Women Who Win .jpgLa Shica  Salter Velasquez, Wal-Mart Human Resources Executive spoke about how she was able to climb the corporate ladder by starting at the bottom and working her way up, while also being a single mother working not so good jobs. She found love during her career journey and ended up with her “good job” in the end. I loved her personality and her outfit was super cute as well.


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After the speeches from the women we were able to chat with each other and visit with the vendors. (And get more of the delicious food!) It was amazing some of the women who were in the audience…this is was such a great event for networking. I’m so glad to have attended! I left feeling inspired and empowered! Women Who Win: Voices of Success is an event I hope to see again and I hope it gets bigger and bigger so that more and more women are touched and inspired!

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    Sounds like a great event! I always find that I get more inspired to do things when I’m surrounded by people who are moving forward!

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