I Have Bad Luck With Cars! #Compare2Win With AutoInsurance.com

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Insurance. As a young female driver, in Texas, under 25, who has been in three accidents in the last two years (not my fault..for real for real)…it’s something that I hate to think about, but oh so important to to do so. I have bad luck with cars. I’m not really sure when it happened but it did and now I’m super paranoid about making sure that I have the best auto  insurance possible. I’m always comparing and making sure that I have the best rates and the best full coverage available (that I can afford.) You think I’m doing the most? Let’s take a look back in history at my bad luck with cars…

Taylor Brione First Car.jpg

This was my first car. My beloved 1999 Toyota Camry affectionately named Camonte. Chile, he ways the best gay car ever!! He had his own theme song and passengers had to sign a contract to even ride inside of him! I loved this car! I invested hundreds of dollars in the speaker system and a I searched Amazon for weeks to find a pink seat cover set. Even though my car had over 200,000 miles from bored college nights and everyone thought my car belonged to a pimp out of the 1970’s, I loved it with all of my heart. That is until  someone stole it. Yes. Someone stole my car. Who steals a 1999 Camry with a million miles on it? I’m pretty sure the radio cost more than the car was worth. I don’t think you understand having to call your mom and tell her your car is gone…and you don’t know where it is. Yeah. That was just a bad day. Luckily, I had full coverage insurance on my car and I was able to get a new car a few days later.

 Taylor Brione 2nd Car.jpg

I ended up getting a new to me BMW. I loved her and appropriately named her Blessing. I had eyelashes on her, but someone ripped them off. She was more of a classy car, so I decided to forgo the animal pint seat covers and opt for just some pink floor mats instead. She gets me where I need to go, she’s a really nice car, and this is my first car that I financed and put in my own name, so naturally there is some sort of crazy close connection we share. I’ve had this car probably right at two years and she’s already been in 3 accidents:

1. While traveling to Austin  for the Black Social Media Summit an 18 Wheeler rear ended me. My car was in the shop for 30 days and I was in therapy for 4 months.  Try calling your mom when you are in a different city and tell her that you’ve been rear ended by an 18-wheeler. Thank God for my insurance because the company of the man who hit me still hasn’t paid. Our insurance sky rocketed after this. (Did I mention I’m on my parents policy? And they have 4 driving aged children 17, 20, 21, and 22. Chile, now you know why we are searching for the best deals)

2. As I was leaving the Houston Galleria for a fashion event a little old man hit me from behind. The damage was miniscule. Like $400 worth and his insurance company actually handled that pretty quickly.

3. Heading to work one morning in great mood. Singing Otis Redding while I sit in stand still traffic. Obviously, the jerk  behind me didn’t notice that we weren’t moving. SMASH! Right into the back of me. Really? I hit my face on the steering wheel and bust my lip wide open. My whole body was sore too. I left the scene of this accident by ambulance. Try calling your mom and telling her that you were rear ended from inside an ambulance.  And whats worse the other driver had no insurance at all, so now I’m figuring out how to pay for these repairs because my parents are not trying to run their bill up anymore than it already is.

I think I have bad luck with cars...auto insurance comparison.jpg

(Me after accident 3. Full of pain killers, a tetanus shop, and some kinda medicine to help mend my lip! It looked good for this photo. And yes, I take my computer with me wherever I go!) 

So you see, I have terrible luck with cars, which generally means I have a hard time finding insurance rates that are affordable and offer me the best cover. AutoInsurance.com is this new, super cool website, that allows  you to compare  your current auto policy (yes, it retrieves it for you) to some of the other policies with nationally known carriers.  This site allows you to get real time quotes directly from an agent ( no more, “to your email in seconds”)  and see immediate changes to your quote with every change. It’s like shopping online…but for car insurance.  Other sites only show estimates, but these are actual quotes that you can purchase after viewing them. My parents are paying close to $900 a month in auto insurance and doing this comparison allowed us to see that there were some cheaper options available. There were also some options for the same price with a tad bit better coverage.  There is no cost to see these quotes and you aren’t obligated to by, it’s just a site that allows you to be an informed shopper…and you know we all like to know what we are buying! Check the site out and see how much you are saving!

Thank you #CollectiveBias for the opportunity to #Compare2Win and figure out what insurance can work best for me!

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