My Anti New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve said before that I no longer do New Year’s Resolutions. Every day, I’m striving to be a healthier, smarter, all around better person and I don’t need a new year to put unrealistic pressures on myself.  I really want to do everything on my list, but I don’t always get to complete everything. That doesn’t mean that I’m a failure–it just means that life got in the way. From my 2013 To-Do List,  I attended a Blogger Conference, I attended 3 professional conferences ( 2more than I planned on), I had my first alcoholic drink (I waited until I was 21), I spoke at 4 different events, I visited 4 states ( 2more than I planned on), I had a fantastic 21st birthday party, I submitted photos for Jet Beauty of The Week, I did karaoke in public (twice), took a boxing class, ran a 10K, selected as one of Tastemaker Magazine influencers under 40, and and took myself out on dates. Yes, there are things that I didn’t do and some of them will roll over on to this list, but I’m sooooo proud of the things that I did accomplish. I’m going to make sure that I write more about what I check off my Tay-Do List, so I can keep you guys up to date! So without further adieu here is what I want to do this year: 

 Taylor Brione dressed for New Years Resolutions

Dress Suit: Ross//Tights: Target//Shoes: Charlotte Russe// Watch: Barbie Collector

  1. Become a certified group fitness instructor
  2. Get my concealed handgun license
  3. Skydive (this is third to-do list that this has been on—third times the charm right?)
  4. Complete a half marathon
  5. Visit 4 new states
  6. Go on a road trip
  7. Travel internationally
  8. Pay off all credit card debt
  9. Write everyday on the blog (OMG…this is gonna be so  hard for me)
  10. Start journaling
  11. Buy Louboutins 
  12. GRADUATE College!
  13. Work with big brands
  14. Do the 52 week Saving Challenge
  15. Get a new camera and learn more about photography and photoshop
  16. Learn how to play golf

I’m ready 2014!

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